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Here is our latest list of the top 5 casino hotels in the United Kingdom. We’ve personally been to each of these hotels, spending a night to give you the most accurate and reliable review of the hotel, casino, and other amenities they provide to their guests.

The Ritz Club, London

The Ritz Club in London is a really fancy casino in the famous Ritz Hotel. This hotel is super well-known and luxurious in the city. The Ritz Club is right in the middle of the posh Mayfair area in London, and it feels very exclusive, classy, and timeless. People think it’s one of the most important places to gamble in the United Kingdom and even in the whole world. It has a long history, starting in 1978 when it got permission to have gambling. Since then, the Ritz Club has always been seen as a symbol of luxury and richness.

The Empire Casino Hotel

The Empire Casino in London is a lively and well-liked place for gaming, right in the middle of Leicester Square. It’s in the busy West End of London, making it a hub for fun, games, and nightlife. This casino is a favorite for both people who live here and those visiting the city. What makes The Empire Casino special is where it is. It’s in Leicester Square, surrounded by theaters, restaurants, and other places to have a good time, making it a convenient choice for a night out. Being in this central spot lets visitors enjoy the best of London’s nightlife. The casino floor at The Empire is full of life and excitement, with lots of different games for everyone. They have classic ones like blackjack, roulette, and poker, as well as modern electronic slot machines. So, whether you’re new to gambling and just want a fun night or you’re experienced and want some serious action, The Empire Casino has something for you.

Grosvenor Casino

The Grosvenor Casino in Birmingham is a popular place for gaming and entertainment. It’s in the Ricoh Arena, making it a big choice for both people from out of town and locals. This casino has a lot to offer, with gaming, sports, live shows, and dining all in one place.

Rainbow Casino

Rainbow Casino in Bristol is a modern and well-liked gaming spot right in the lively center of the city. It’s famous for having up-to-date facilities and lots of different games, making it a fun and enjoyable place for people who live here and those just visiting. One special thing about Rainbow Casino is how it looks – it’s modern and stylish. The inside of the casino shows that they really care about making a place that’s interesting and attractive for the people who come. The atmosphere is friendly and full of life, making it a great spot for a night of entertainment.

Hippodrome Casino Hotel

The Hippodrome Casino Hotel is in the middle of the UK. It’s a really good place for people who like to gamble. They have more than 2,500 slot machines, 100 table games, and a special room for poker. So, there’s something for everyone at this casino. The hotel has more than 300 rooms, many places to eat and drink, a spa, and a pool. And there’s a big hall with 5,000 seats where they often have live shows and special events for guests to have fun.